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  • Music sharing via and Twitter visualized on a map.


    This application enables people to share the music they are listening to on a map, in real-time using information from their and Twitter accounts.

    I was inspired by the semantics of music while designing the UI for the app. Similar to musical notes, ancient languages often had a meaning attached to individual syllables or letters. So I decided to use the olden Glagolitic typography as a theme for the interface. Its called 'Myslite' which means thought in Glagolitsa.

    The app also displays personalised music recommendation and worldwide music trends in major cities interactively on a map. I designed the frontend as well as the backend of this application on WinRT (with C# + XAML).

    Will be available on the store as soon as its out of beta.

    Screenshots of the beta.

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  • sphero display image

    A virtual responsive sphere to track objects which cannot compute.


    A project prototyped and developed at the MIT Media Lab (Design Innovation Workshop 2012, India). Sphero is, as we visualized, a virtual sphere that helps you track the things that you care about via your smartphone. We wanted the software to interact with all those objects which did not have the abilty to compute. My role in this project was to handle the smartphone frontend although I had a considerable involvement in hardwiring the Arduino boards.

    We explored the idea of a cloud which could compute on behalf of the objects. All a user had to do was to tag the important stuff, like his/her wallet, with an NFC or an RF tag and let the system track the things. A user could also customize profiles for the specific times of the day. People could also integrate the software side with their social networking accounts and record the things that they exchange with their friends in the real world automatically. The applications of the concept were numerous - right from a theft detector to a gaming rig.
    Mentors: Nan Zhao, Nan Wei Gong. Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Lab.
    Read More

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  • greenme display icon

    A dataviz experiment with Kinect to help people realize the statistics of climate change.

    Greener Me

    Greener Me is an experiment in information design. An attempt to represent statistical information about climate change in a 'physical' form. You have entire environments (rendered in Unity3D) on your screen that are constructed from climate change statistics obtained from IPCC and NASA. You can navigate your avatar in the environments via motion tracking from a Kinect sensor.

    'Effort' here was to be mapped with the intensity of the data. So a non-trivial statistic required more effort from the player to clear a stage. At the end of every stage, a few tips to reduce individual energy consumption are displayed completing which increases scores. A further integration with Azure based web services will help keep track of the scores of other players.

    The idea was to provide people a fluent way to realize the gravity of the situation via conveying the math data in a physically expressible form. Greener Me is essentially a gadget or a short game for Xbox 360. I expect to be ready with a prototype by January 2013.
    This concepual solution served as my entry to the Imagine Cup 2012, Kinect Fun Labs challenge which later qualified amongst the top 100 ideas worldwide.

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  • An app-portal made for Microsoft to help developers interact effectively during a hackathon.

    wowzapp disp

    WOWZAPP for Windows Store

    I was one of the 6 developers of the WOWZAPP app for Windows Store which was released recently by Microsoft. The app basically acts as a worldwide portal for all the developers participating in the WOWZAPP 2012 hackathon.

    My job was to develop and handle the Resources section in the app. Gained an experience of working with an amazing team in a collaborative environment via the Team Foundation Service.
    Download from Windows Store

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  • Mintwit display image

    A native WinRT Twitter library.

    mintwit display


    MinTwit is a Twitter library for WinRT based apps(Metro style) for Windows 8, written in C#. The current version provides - OAuth Authentication, updating status, fetching user timeline and search functionalities. Meanwhile, other RESTful calls are brewing in some part of my computer.
    Download/Fork from Github.

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  • sputnik display image

    Web Episodes.

    web display

    Web Episodes

    My portfolio website and a Silverlight based web-application are the two major web based projects that I have constructed. This website is made completely in HTML5 and CSS3. I've made a massive use of CSS3 transitions. It uses no Javascript for animations and is hence responsive. The site is hosted on Windows Azure.

    The Silverlight web app on the other hand was an experimental project. I did this in 2009 when I was going through Jeff Prosise's blog post on dropping images into the control. So I decided to build a similar drag-n-drop rich interface using Silverlight. I extrapolated his idea to support image uploads to SkyDrive and Dropbox via the interface. [This project is currently inactive due to the recent changes in SkyDrive's API and also in my perspective to look at web plugins.]

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  • conversion library display image

    A library for explicit image format conversion between WPF and WinForms.

    conversion library display image

    Image format conversion library

    One of the open source libraries that I made for conversions between certain System.Windows.Media.Imaging (of WPF) and the old System.Drawing (of Winforms) elements. Implemented entirely in C# on .NET 4.0.

    (see Marlett typeface for the image above)
    Fork from Github.

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  • studybuddy display image

    An academic planner for Windows Phone.

    studybuddy display image


    A Windows Phone app, making use of IsolatedStorage data services and scheduled notification services. The motive was to experiment a little with semantic XML based databases. I developed the frontend as well as the backend for the app.
    Download from Windows Store.

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  • npgsql display image

    An accessor and mutator for a schema on a pgsql database.

    npgsql display image

    Npgsql accessor mutator

    Me and my team had to manage a schema on a PostgreSQL server which had been employed for the purpose of a sample e-shopping portal, as a semester project for a course on databases. I made the the frontend application which was a database accessor and mutator. I used the NPGSQL driver for connecting to postgres services.
    Fork from Github.

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  • onemath display image

    Math, math and math...



    One of the first apps that I made and published on the Windows Phone Store. Its a basic math utility supporting arithmetic, trigonometric, inverse, logarithmic and hyperbolic functions, basic algebra and unit conversions.
    Download from Windows Store.

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